Our Mission

Our mission and desire is to have families gathering around the table for dinner. All it takes is 15 mins a day! When a family gathers for dinner it creates a routine that gives the members of the family a sense of belonging and connection. It strengthens physically and spiritually. The effects of family dinners reach well beyond any scientific study, or graph that can be made. 

Dinnertime does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be consistent. Start with 1 night a week and work your way up. 

We hope that by providing your family with a home-cooked meal, will put more time in your day to gather the family. Less time meal planning and grocery shopping, and more time snuggling, playing, and serving those you love. 

Whether you are buying our meals or making your own, we hope you create the time to sit down together to enjoy a home-cooked meal. We will be here to support you on your dinnertime journey, with ideas, tips, recipes, and support.   

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